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Take a look at our produce updates.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, so every month we upload current

product infomation and our own photos taken on site.


PURPLE SPROUTS        douglas fir

Purple Sprouts                                          Douglas Fir


chestnuts        cranberries

Fresh Chestnuts                                         Fresh Cranberries


rainbow chard        TOPS

Rainbow Chard                                            Brussel Sprout Tops


leafy clems        jerusalem

Leafy Clementines                                     Jerusalem Artichoke



Decorative Gourds


MIXED SQUASHES        Munchkin Pumpkins

 Mixed Squash                                             Munchkin Pumpkin


spaghetti squash        onion squash

Spaghetti Squash                                        Onion Squash


stripey aubergine        puntarella

Striped Aubergine                                       Puntarella                  


russet apples

Russet Apples



Scottish Girolles


 cobnuts        kale

Cob nuts                                                    Variegated Kale


borlotti beans        golden purple cauli

Borlotti Beans                                             Golden & Purple Cauliflower


peas    nettles

Fresh Peas                                                         Nettles


PREMIUM FLOWERS         wet garlic                       

Premium Edible Flowers                          Wet Garlic


sea purslane        SEA ASTER

Foraged Sea Purslane                            Foraged Sea Aster